Highlights from the 2022 Concert Season 

Please click on the video below to see a short highlight reel from our 2022 season. If you weren’t ready to rejoin live events last season, then please see what you missed. If you joined us last season, then take a look to remind yourself why you won’t want to miss any of our 2023 productions.


“As I have mentioned in my correspondence a number of times, attending the concerts in person is one of the highlights of our season. The selection of music and the performers are as always exceptional - such professionalism. Everything is always top notch. We loved having the opportunity to revisit 4 of the 5 concerts virtually. They were still memorable when watching and listening to them online. They were still tremendously enjoyable! Thank you for providing us with so much pleasure. Your musicians and staff are FANTASTIC! Florrie and Seymour must be beaming from above. They should be so proud of how you have carried on their legacy.”

                             -Maida and Peter Rand

“My husband and I have been appreciating the wonderful Spanish River programs for several years. Florence worked very diligently, along with the creative staff, including Tomer Adaddi, to create outstanding programs. We truly look forward to the Spanish River Concerts continuing production.”                                                  

                                     -Byrna and Larry Klur

“We went to the concert on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. It was the first time in 2 years that we were among a group of people. We have now had the 4th shot so felt relatively comfortable with your setup. No matter what you decide with the masks, we will continue to wear them - in fact on Tuesday we were double masked. My husband, a physician, will only go out under those circumstances. I think it is wonderful with the precautions you take. Congratulations.” 


                                               -Hollis Berney        

“Great concert last night, flawless! I can't believe there were two last minute replacements. It was fantastic!” 

                                                                                                   -Ron and Judy Schlossberg