Spanish River Concerts’ Response to the Coronavirus


After considerable deliberation about the Coronavirus situation, we concluded that the most responsible choice is to postpone performances of our season finale (The Women of Spanish River) until December. Please change your calendar accordingly, and use the tickets you already have for admission in December. The date changes are:


                                    Sunday March 22, 2020   >  Sunday December 13, 2020

                                    Monday March 23, 2020  >  Monday December 14, 2020

                                    Tuesday March 24, 2020  >  Tuesday December 15, 2020


We cannot refund tickets for this engagement, but if you truly have extenuating circumstances, please call our office at 800.716.6975, and we will do our best to find a solution. Thank you for your ongoing support, and for your cooperation during this challenging time.



Jeff Morgenstern, Executive Director

2020 Concert Series

2020 website-banner-the-women-of-spanish

Spanish River Concerts founder, Florrie Morgenstern’s final program idea prior to her untimely passing was based on bringing together the most dynamic female vocalists from Spanish River Concerts’ storied history. Lital Gabai Kakon (70 Years in the Promised Land), Betty Lipska (Kol Esperanza), Emily West (American Rustic), and Brook Wood (50 Years of Rock & Roll) share their musical gifts and memories of Florrie in this very special tribute. These four beautifully talented women, each of whom held a special place in Florrie’s heart, share the stage for a night to remember!

Sunday, December 13 @ 8PM Monday, December 14 @ 8PM Tuesday, December 15 @ 8PM