2022 Event Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our members is our highest priority. Over the past several months, we surveyed our customers and examined the prevalent policies in the theatrical community, followed the news, listened to what the experts had to say, and put a lot of thought into achieving the best balance of safety and sanity with regard to the policies that were developed.


These protocols are subject to change, based upon community conditions throughout the 2022 season; but notice of any changes will be provided on this website prior to changes taking effect.

Proof of vaccination is required for all attendees and crew members. The procedure for advance document submission may be found here. Most of the performers have been vaccinated, but they have been given the option of submitting negative results for a recent Covid PCR test (sampled less than 72 hours prior to performance). For reasons of practicality, performers and musicians will not wear masks. Realize that the performers are sufficiently distanced from the audience to minimize risk of contact, and there will be no after concert “meet the artists” sessions during the 2022 season.


We are streamlining the theater entry process by requiring proof of vaccination (including the booster) prior to concert dates. This will prevent crowding, and allow people to get to their seats in a timely manner. Attendees are urged to use the advance document submission procedure mentioned above to avoid the need to wait in a longer entrance line at performances. Proof of vaccination will be kept on file and confirmed prior to theater entry, and attendees must present government-issued photo ID at each concert to verify identity.


Face masks must be brought by each attendee and worn over mouth and nose while inside any buildings on venue property. Most of the performers will have been vaccinated (those that opt out will be required to comply with the guidelines of the previous item). As such, they will not be required to wear masks.


Social distancing throughout the theater will be implemented in all seating tiers by the presence of at least one empty seat between adjacent parties within a given row. Additional row-to-row distancing will be achieved by alternate-row seating in the PREFERRED and VALUE tiers. These measures yield an approximate occupancy rate below 50% of capacity.


Attendees will not be allowed to linger in the lobby prior to performances, with the exception of those that have business to transact at the will-call desk.


Hand sanitizing stations will be available in multiple locations throughout the Church for easy access by attendees.


The entire auditorium will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each performance.


Restrooms will be supplied with alcohol-based wipes for attendee use on toilet seats, as desired.


Air filters in the venue’s HVAC system are being changed more frequently than prior to the Covid pandemic.