2022 Seating Policy


Tickets for SRC’s 2022 legendary Season Series and Special Events are available now online at www.SpanishRiverConcerts.org or by phone at 800.716.6975. Due to a number of factors, unlike other seasons, seating assignments for the series will be determined by the same method used for Special Events, which is first-come, first-serve. The primary reason for this is because the socially distanced seating approach we have chosen to implement for your safety reduces total seating capacity to less than 50% of previous years. That fact, coupled with our modified schedule which shifted the Sunday night series to Thursday night, we felt it would be unfair to many of you to offer any sort of grandfathered seating assignments.


We hope you will see the glass half full, in that we are once again able to enjoy live, in-person concerts, and it is important to remember that Spanish River Church’s first-rate sound and video systems offer a uniquely excellent concert experience from virtually any eat in the house. As always, our dedicated customer service team will continue to make every effort to accommodate those of you with special seating needs.


The ticket purchasing process is somewhat different if you use our website versus our automated phone purchasing system (for those without easy web access); but both systems will get you into line with equal priority because either system time-stamps your request when you call in or log in, and that time-stamp will determine your seating priority. The main difference between the systems is that while both provide an equal opportunity to reserve the best seats, the web interface will let you know at the time you enter your reservation on our website how many seats in your requested tier are left. With the automated phone ordering system, you will still lock in your reservation when you initially call in, and you will find out your place in the queue when the customer service representative calls you back to get payment from you. With either system, your specific seats will be assigned when the preseason subscription seating is done the second week of December. Our liberal refund policy (refer to FAQs on this website) will protect you if your assigned seats are not satisfactory.