A special message to the Spanish River Concerts community…

Dear Friends,


As you may have already heard, my mother Florrie Morgenstern, founder of Spanish River Concerts, passed away this summer. I spent most of the spring and summer taking care of her and my father during her 3-month struggle with pancreatic cancer, and subsequently moved Dad up north to the Boston area. The concert business was on hold during much of this period.


Deciding whether or not Spanish River Concerts would continue was very difficult. Changing market conditions and the termination of our lease at Kings Point Theatre affected subscription renewals so much that by the beginning of April, the decision to terminate operations was all but certain. However, when my mother became ill, everything changed. Canceling the season would have been very dispiriting for her, so I avoided broaching the topic. Her condition deteriorated quickly, and she died in mid-July. As this new reality took hold, I gained new perspective about the fate of Spanish River Concerts, and decided that, whatever it took, the 2020 season would happen, because it was inconceivable that my mother’s legacy could simply fade away.


Over the past two months, Tomer Adaddi and I reconceived the 2020 season to pay tribute to Florrie and her vision by showcasing her best ideas through a mix of Spanish River Concerts’ proudest moments, combined with some exciting new programs that were already in the works. Please scroll down this page to see descriptions of the newly minted 2020 programs, as well as the modified schedule. Also note that, in addition to the series, we have added one Special Event to the season - a reprise of last season’s smash hit Four Best Men.


If you already renewed your subscription to the upcoming season, I sincerely hope you will be able to adjust to the scheduling changes (see below). Although there are date changes, generally, the day of the week you requested for renewal will be honored. We expect to mail all subscription tickets by the second week of December. While the future of Spanish River Concerts beyond 2020 is uncertain, please seize the opportunity to enjoy at least one more terrific season of our unique offerings, one that will be a true tribute to Florrie’s creative spirit, and perhaps more importantly, her love of the community to which she made such a profound contribution over these past 16 seasons. Thank you for your continued support.




Jeff Morgenstern