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Dear Friends,


Needless to say, a lot has happened since the last time we were together for a concert. I hope that you are handling the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and are doing well. We have been working on a strategy to resume our music activities, and the purpose of this letter is to share that plan with you. In-person concerts will not be feasible for the 2021 season, so we have already refunded 2021 subscriptions by crediting back all renewals paid by credit card, and shredding all checks. The credit card refunds were issued over the past two weeks, and should appear on your next credit card statement, or at the latest, on the following statement.


The good news is that, although we have cancelled our live performances for 2021, we have worked with Tomer Adaddi to create a wonderful on-line option for you, which can be streamed to your TV or computer, similarly to the way you would enjoy Netflix or other streaming services. The virtual season will be run by Tomer’s company: Jaled, USA, and will include three fantastic new productions, plus remastered recordings of seven of the best performances that you saw on our stage over the past few years. Descriptions of all of these great concerts can be found on our website by clicking the link at the end of this letter.


And there’s even more good news regarding the cost for all of this. As you may recall, our season finale from this past season (The Women of Spanish River) was postponed because of the onset of Coronavirus. We originally notified you back in March that the Women of Spanish River engagement would be rescheduled for this coming December. The persistence of the pandemic has made that plan impossible, but we reached agreement with Tomer that the entire virtual season will be offered as an even swap for that single concert. I’m happy to say that no additional payment will be required for you to partake of these 10 great video performances (7 from our archives, and 3 brand new productions)!


I think you’ll agree that this offer is an excellent value, but please bear in mind that our ability to once again bring you in-person concerts when life returns to normal is highly dependent upon your support of the virtual season. While we will honor requests to instead receive a refund for your Women of Spanish River tickets, I truly hope you will consider the virtual season as the best option. We need to hear back from you very soon in order to sign you up for Tomer’s virtual season, so please follow the link below for more information.


I thank you for your past support, and look forward to seeing you in simpler times.




Jeff Morgenstern, Executive Director