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“I was lucky enough to see the production Monday night. It was the first time I was back since the start of Covid. Boy, I didn’t realize how much I missed the concerts. The show was FABULOUS!!!!! I loved every minute of it.”


                                                             –  Phyllis H.

“We were at the Spanish River Concerts last night. We were amazed and feel so fortunate to have experienced the most incredible program.”


                                                               –  David G.

“Last night’s performance of Boundless Virtuosity was by far the best live performance I have ever attended. Every aspect of this performance was exceptional.”  


                                                               –  Barry S.


“Not only are the concerts exceptional, but the variety of musical presentations is extraordinary.”


                                                           –  Barbara L.

“What an incredible concert. It was thrilling from beginning to the ending. All the performances were award winning! I have been a subscriber for several years, and I’m always singing your praise. I hope your genius will be around for years to come.”  


                                                           –  Barbara R.

“Thanks for providing such a marvelous series!  It’s like going to the Mosque Theatre in Newark or Lincoln Center, only a lot easier.”

                                                   –  Paula & Floyd

“All of the artists you chose had a common thread – they performed from the heart. Their performances conveyed their love of music.”


                                                              –  Sandy L.

“Last night set a new high bar for professionalism that Jeff and Tomer will find very hard to beat.”


                                                            –  William A.

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