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What people are saying  about us

"Your concerts make my heart sing. I can't say enough about what it means to me. Jeff and his crew did a marvelous job for Omer & Friends. It's been wonderful to have this season's concerts.

Alice S.

“All of the artists you chose had a common thread – they performed from the heart. Their performances conveyed their love of music.”


Sandy L. 

"Breathtaking pianist for Boundless Virtuosity! 75 Years in the Promised Land was a real happening last night, lively and fun!"


Ada R.   

“This concert was sooo fabulous. We enjoyed it so much. Great singers and of course, great orchestra.”

Bonny & Marvin R. 

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"Last nights show (Omer and friends) was spectacular! It could have gone on forever! Thanks."

Gail S.

"Last night's performance was beyond great."

Sid F.

“Spanish River is a hidden gem in Palm Beach County.”   

Ron F.

"Your performances have inspired me during the last two years. I look forward to each and every one."

June E.

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